Bean Bags

Bean Bag


A very large cushion loosely filled with foam rubber or polystyrene granules so that it moulds into a comfortable shape: used as an informal low seat

Who doesn't love a bean bag? These versatile alternatives to casual seating are as popular as ever thanks to a reboot in style, shape and colour.

Indoor or outdoor, and with a vast array of colours and materials to choose from, we've even added free UK delivery on all orders over £100, so sit back, relax and browse your perfect seat!

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Setting the standard for luxurious lounging, the Mighty B indoor bean bag from Extreme Lounging is the only bean bag you'll ever need.

The perfect solution for space-poor, style-rich grownups, this is where design statement meets comfort-worship.

Durable, easy clean and available in enough colours to satisfy even the most demanding, see the full range below.


Relaxing in full colour isn't just for adults. The Mini B indoor bean bag from Extreme Lounging is a compact and bijou version of their full size bags, just for kids!

Available in the same wide range of colours, and crafted to the same high standard of quality and durability, this is seriously fun lounging!

Also available in large, extra large and outdoor versions — see below for more details.


There is only one word that captures the essence of the Monster B indoor bean bag from Extreme Lounging ... HUGE!

Easily comfortable for two people, this is the ultimate way to lounge, or game, together.

It's available in 11 (count them) funky colours, and made of durable, easy clean stretch PU fabric

Also available in large, mini and outdoor versions — see below for details.


This is the BIG FURRY ONE! Lounge in unadulterated luxury with the Mighty B fur bean bag from Extreme Lounging.

Crafted from one hundred percent sheepskin, you have never felt comfort like this, and with four colours to choose from, even the most demanding lounge lizard will be satisfied!

Designed for indoors only — see the full Extreme Lounging range below.