Industrial Coat Racks, Stands & Hooks

Dutchbone Flavi Antique Finish Coat Stand from Accessories for the Home Dutchbone Flavi Antique Finish Coat Stand from Accessories for the Home 2
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Bring harmony to your hallway with the Flavi antique finish coat stand from the Dutchbone collection. Free standing and crafted from iron with an antique distressed finish and detailing on the feet to deliver the modern industrial look, it has six large and five small coat hooks and ample space for four umbrellas.
Striking iron clothes rack by Muubs that will stand the test of time.The iron clothes rack has 3 shelves and a wardrobe bar where there is space to hang and store shoes, hats and so on. A good decor tip is to hide away hats and gloves in wicker baskets. The clothes rack is designed with four wheels that can be locked, making Bronx a flexible storage...
The only coat stand you'll ever need - the Lucius iron coat rack with shelf from Dutchbone is not just an industrially styled statement piece for your hallway, but tremendously practical. With 11 coat hooks, two shelves and two sliding storage boxes, this is not your average hallway fayre!
Industrial Coat Racks, Stands & Hooks

Ran Black Iron Coat Rack

White Label Living
A timeless classic with a modern twist.The Ran Black Iron Coat Rack draws on the traditional design of a wall hung coat hanger but is crafted from powder coated iron to give a more industrial feel.Six hooks give plenty of hanging space whilst your floor space isn't compromised so even in smaller hallways you're sure to be onto a winner!
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Industrial Coat Racks, Stands & Hooks

Transform your home interiors with our stunning collection of Industrial Coat Racks, Stands & Hooks. With their robust construction and raw finishes, they bring a touch of industrial charm to any space while providing practical storage solutions. Whether it's a wall-mounted rack, freestanding stand, or individual hooks, incorporating these industrial-inspired pieces can enhance the overall design and functionality of your home.

One of the defining features of industrial coat racks, stands, and hooks is their robust construction. They are typically crafted from sturdy materials such as iron, steel, or reclaimed wood, which not only ensure durability but also evoke a sense of raw industrial appeal. These materials often showcase their natural textures and imperfections, further enhancing the rustic look.

Industrial Coat Racks 

Industrial coat racks come in various designs, ranging from wall-mounted hooks to freestanding racks. Wall-mounted racks are ideal for saving space and can be easily installed in entryways, mudrooms, or hallways. These racks provide ample hanging space for coats, jackets, hats, scarves, and bags, keeping everything organised and within reach. Some models may also include shelves or additional storage compartments, offering even more functionality.

Industrial Coat Stands 

Freestanding coat stands are another popular option in industrial-inspired interiors. These stands often feature a tripod base for stability and a central vertical pole with multiple hooks extending from it. The open design of these stands allows for easy access and adds a sculptural element to the space.

Industrial Coat Hooks

Hooks are versatile additions to any home interior, and industrial-style hooks can make a striking statement. They can be installed individually or in groups, and their rugged design adds visual interest to walls. Whether mounted in an entryway, bathroom, or bedroom, industrial hooks offer a practical solution for hanging coats, towels, robes, keys, and more. They can be found in various shapes and sizes, ranging from simple, minimalist designs to more intricate and decorative options.

How to Add Industrial Style Coat Racks to Your Home 

When incorporating industrial coat racks, stands, and hooks into home interiors, it's important to consider the overall aesthetic and existing decor. These pieces work exceptionally well in modern, eclectic, or industrial-inspired interiors, complementing exposed brick walls, concrete floors, or metal accents. They also create a beautiful contrast when paired with softer elements such as wood furniture or textured textiles.

Shop with us today and experience the perfect blend of style and practicality. Discover your ideal piece and enjoy the convenience of an organised space.

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