The deliberate use of light to achieve practical or aesthetic effects

Lighting makes or breaks a space, so we've gathered together a fantastic range of wall, floor and ceiling lights to cover all tastes and ensure your rooms glow with warmth and style.

From industrial style studio floor lamps, through natural lamp shades in rattan or bamboo, to statement ceiling pendants in contemporary glass — no stone has been left unturned in our quest to bring you the best of current design.

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  • £ 110.00

    When only the most luxurious look will work, reach for the velvet table lamp from Madam Stoltz. Plush fabrics are no longer the domain of sofas and cushions, and with an array of beautiful pastel shades to choose from, this is boudoir-ready lighting, with fringes on!

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    • £ 79.95

      Nothing says quality like handmade, and the Beru rattan cylinder lampshade oozes quality. Inspired by Indonesian fishing baskets, this shade is head and shoulders above the mass produced alternatives. Available in two sizes to suit any living space.

      £ 79.95
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    • £ 115.00

      With its nod to Art Deco, the Opal glass and ceramic table lamp from Nordal bring more than just light to an unloved corner of the room. Revitalise your look with its stunning oval shade and black cylindrical ceramic base — simple shapes that pack a big decorative punch!

      £ 115.00
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    • £ 170.00

      Bring some old school brass industrial style to your work space with the Tubu vintage adjustable desk lamp from Danish design powerhouse Nordal. Of course this is tailor made for a home office, but its flawless looks and rust-ic finish mean it can also be used as secondary lighting in a living room. E14 Light Fitting for a maximum 40 watt bulb.

      £ 170.00
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    • £ 119.00

      Lighting to thrill, the Bond ash veneer pendant lamp from Dutchbone will definitely stir your sense of style! Interlocking veneered ash strips give a wonderfully textured surface, and with two shapes to choose from, you just can't say (Dr) no!

      £ 119.00
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    • £ 50.00

      Bringing chic to your occasional lighting, the Cresta gold and black table lamp from Dutchbone puts everything else in the style shade! The brass base is decorated with botanical detailing making your lamp shine ar bight in the day as it does by night! Also available as a floor lamp and as a candle holder — see below for more details.

      £ 50.00
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    • £ 199.00

      Setting the standard, the Cresta gold and black floor lamp from Dutchbone is simply stunning. Eye-catching on its own, even more so paired with its smaller sibling table lamp, the botanical detailing makes this a light that shines day and night! Also available as a table lamp and a candle holder — see below for more details.

      £ 199.00
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    • £ 65.00

      There's no mistaking the classic styling of the Watson adjustable table lamp. But its stunning modern black and bronze finish makes this more than your average desk lamp. Ideal as a focus light in a work space, or positioned as ambient uplighting in the living room.

      £ 65.00
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    • £ 145.00

      Sophisticated lighting for the contemporary space, the Art Deco inspired Aada floor lamp brings the style! With slender lines and a stunning gold finish, there's no hiding this one in a corner. Also available as a table lamp — see below for details.

      £ 145.00
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    • £ 139.00

      The epitomy of slender elegance, the Eclipse floor lamp from Dutchbone creates an iconic silhouette in any space. Available in brushed brass or glossy black finish, choose the statement you want to make! Also available as a table lamp — see below for details.

      £ 139.00
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      • £ 229.00

        Classics never date, and the Rif three legged floor lamp from Dutchbone is no exception. With a subtle pale grey shade supported by three sturdy dark wooden legs, the quality is in the little details — like the cleverly hidden power cord which runs inside one of the legs.

        £ 229.00
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      • £ 119.00

        Super minimal in its design, the Woodland floor lamp from Dutchbone is a slender and stylish solution for the modern living space. The ash shade has a light finish to allow the perfect diffusion of light, and the statement is unequivocal. Also Available as a table lamp — see below for details.

        £ 119.00
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      • £ 49.95

        Make an industrial statement with the Jatani wire mesh pendant light. The oval shade is formed from weaved wire, with a rust finish to create a simple but bold standout ceiling light.

        £ 49.95
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      • £ 115.00

        With smoked glass and a retro styling, the Smoke cut glass and brass pendant from Nordal is the must have light this season. With a grey hue top and bottom and clear cut glass centre piece, the pendant is finished perfectly with brass fixings.

        £ 115.00
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      • £ 115.00

        Simple cylinders and spheres combine to produce a stunning and sophisticated effect in the Aada gold table lamp. This is a statement lamp for the seriously style conscious. Also available as a floor lamp — see below for details.

        £ 115.00
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      • £ 99.00

        Iconic design rebooted for the contemporary space, the Eclipse table lamp from Dutchbone is the whole package. Available in brushed brass or glossy black finish, this is classically a desk lamp, but will make an equally bold statement on a sideboard or side table. Also available as a floor lamp — see below for details.

        £ 99.00
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        • £ 119.00

          Blending the industrial with the contemporary, the Raw iron and wood pendant light from Dutchbone has been crafted with precise attention to detail, as well as style. With its mango wood top, softening the dark iron shade, this pendant has it all — raw quality and classic good looks.

          £ 119.00
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        • £ 79.00

          Leaving other lamps in the dark, the Woodland table lamp from Dutchbone stands out with a stunning ash veneer shade. Sitting atop a sturdy but slender iron frame, the ash has a light finish to ensure the right ambience in your living space. Also available as a floor lamp — see below for more details.

          £ 79.00
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        • £ 149.00

          Proving just how versatile rattan really is, the Kubu pendant light from Dutchbone creates a stunning look, whether lit or not! When off, its tactile natural beauty and sculptural form are a delight. Light it up and it creates an enchanting mix of shadow and light across the room.

          £ 149.00
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        • £ 60.00

          If you're looking for lighting with an Eastern vibe, look no further than the Nana pendant light from Dutchbone. Crafted from braided dried banana leaves, it's the perfect shade to combine with other naturals to create a Zen atmosphere.

          £ 60.00
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        • £ 60.00

          A conversation starter for the modern living space, the Boo braided bamboo pendant light from Dutchbone will get any dinner party started. A perfectly handcrafted basket of braided bamboo strips creates stunning shadows on your walls and plenty to talk about. These beautiful lamps are currently only available in natural colour.

          £ 60.00
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          • £ 579.00

            Just WOW! The Atomic brass and glass pendant light from Danish design powerhouse Noral is an incredible centrepiece light. Consisting of a gold sphere surrounded by seventeen (yes!) smaller glass ball shades, this is a lighting with no delusions and lots of grandeur.

            £ 579.00
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          • £ 129.00

            Let your imagination (and your lighting) soar with the Falcon table lamp from Dutchbone. Perching on a stately and imposing claw base, this is a lamp for the wild at heart. Available in brass or black finish.

            £ 129.00
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            • £ 219.00

              The falcon floor lamp clings to the floor like a falcon clutches its prey. Designed in black then created in brass for a more surreal classier version but Just as tough as the black version. To complete the falcon look the lampshade is designed as a tiltable beak. The Falcon floor standing lamp is ready to give your interior a beasty look

              £ 219.00
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              • £ 100.00

                The bulb-within-a-bulb styling of the brass and glass circular table lamp from Danish designers Hubsch perfectly blends the modern with the industrial. Stylish, functional, and just that little bit more interesting than your average table lamp!

                £ 100.00
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              • £ 95.00

                Almost other-worldly, the Lyon white glass orb table lamp from Hubsch is the perfect talking point for your side table. A perfect sphere sitting on a simple, modern brass frame make it the perfect partner to light woods and minimalist vibes.

                £ 95.00
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              • £ 99.00

                Fabulous Vintage style wall lights. The Dutchbone Lily is a classic with its mat black powder coated iron shade and brass powder coated adjustable arm with butterfly nut is a thing of beauty. These wall lights wold defiantly make a statement in any room in your home.

                £ 99.00
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              • £ 159.00

                Proving that not all positionable lamps look the same, the Lily adjustable desk lamp from Dutchbone brings a touch of vintage style to the genre. With a mayt black 'shell' shade and brass powder-coated arm with butterfly nut fixing, this lamp is a thing of beauty. For desk or side table, it will not disappoint.

                £ 159.00
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              • £ 144.00

                Hand assembled, from hundreds of tiny metal plates, the Trooper metal pendant light from Dutchbone shines in more ways than one. With a striking gloss black finish and a truly unique shape, this is a real contemporary statement pendant. Available in two different sizes, ideal to combine in a cluster in your hallway, dining room or kitchen for a stunning...

                £ 144.00
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              • £ 109.00

                Don't settle for humdrum when there's beauty like the Cubo brass table lamp from Dutchbone just a few clicks away! Simply stylish, the matt brass silhouette shade sits atop a chic polished black marble base. Finish with a vintage bulb, to bring atmosphere with a modern twist. Also available as a pendant light — see below for details.

                £ 109.00
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              • £ 79.00

                It's the stunning simplicity of the Cubo brass pendant light from Dutchbone that takes your breath away. A geometric masterpiece matt brass silhouette shade creates an ambient atmosphere with a modern look. Also available as a table lamp — see below for details.

                £ 79.00
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              • £ 150.00

                Be bold with your ambient lighting with the domed glass and brass table lamp from Nordal. Beautiful when it's on, and stunning when it's not! This is a gorgeous side light and feature decoration all wrapped up in one.

                £ 150.00
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              • £ 350.00

                The palm leaf ceiling pendant from Tinekhome effortlessly blends the bohemian with the urban, and offers an unusual alternative to the bamboo look while keeping very much on-trend. Attentively crafted from natural weaved palm leaves, it creates a softer ambience and more subtle shadows when lit. Create your perfect space with more from our lighting range...

                £ 350.00
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              • £ 155.00

                The natural jute pendant shade from Danish designers Nordal is the perfect way to complete a bohemian dining or living space makeover. Crafted from fine cords of jute to give it a textured look and sumptuous tactile finish, this large lampshade brings a statement finish to a natural rustic dining table or entrance hall. Supplied as shade only, socket and...

                £ 155.00
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              • £ 189.99

                Bringing some classic Hollywood film set style to your living space, the striking Oboro studio style floor lamp is always a hit. With an industrial iron tripod base and distressed grey metal shade, this is the perfect light for making a statement. Also available in Antique Red — see below for details. Bulb: bayonet fitting.

                £ 189.99
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              • £ 189.99

                Straight from the film set, the striking Oboro studio style floor lamp makes a clear statement. The stylish iron tripod base works perfectly with the distressed red metal of the shade, and with its industrial look it will add more than a little movie glamour to your living space Also available in Antique Grey — see below for more details. Bulb: bayonet...

                £ 189.99
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