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    The very latest additions to our eclectic range of industrial, urban and contemporary furniture and home accessories, to inspire and delight!

    You'll find our newest items and ranges here, straight from the design desks of some of the most influential contemporary design houses, like Muubs, Dutchbone, Nordal, Tinekhome, and more. Take your time, stay awhile, and enjoy!

    All orders over £100 are delivered FREE in the UK, so there's literally nothing stopping you finding the next beautiful addition to your home!

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    • £ 52.00

      A beautiful set of 3 stoneware flower pots. Style in a cluster or individually these flower posts in a deep green with an organic leaf design are perfect to home your plants beautifully. New in this season these plant pots are a perfect gift for all the botanical lovers out there.

      £ 52.00
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    • £ 145.00

      Style the bohemian look with the compact glass topped bamboo side table from Madam Stoltz. A modern take on a traditional design, in a natural darker brown colouring, with additional shelf for storage. The perfect complement to our bamboo, rattan and cane furniture - browse the range below!

      £ 145.00
      In Stock
    • £ 375.00

      The Wish black metal cabinet from Dutch design house BePureHome is unashamedly raw and industrial, but benefits from a slimmer profile to make it super versatile. Standing on a high frame, with a worn finish to accentuate the urban feel of the piece, the roomy cabinet and two drawers deliver on all levels. Basic assembly required.

      £ 375.00
      In Stock
    • £ 265.00

      The Denza iron display cabinet from industrial interiors design house Dutchbone is a vintage styled trove for all your most precious treasures. Stop hiding your stuff and give it a home that shows it off in style, in a statement piece that will draw its own compliements! For the larger collection, it's also available as a display sideboard - see below.

      £ 265.00
      In Stock
    • £ 389.00

      The Dom natural rattan sofa from Bloomingville is a minimalist triumph in this season's must-have style. Perfect for the smaller living space or bedroom, this is compact comfort at its finest! The beautifully crafted rattan seat sits on a super sleek black iron frame to deliver a practical and modern seating solution.

      £ 389.00
      In Stock
    • £ 190.00

      A truly eye-catching circular fir wood and rattan cabinet from the Bloomingville collection. Exquisite Danish design combines with warm, natural materials to deliver a visual masterpiece. Definitely not destined for the corner of a room, this is a cabinet with a style story to tell!

      £ 190.00
      In Stock
    • £ 175.00

      It's the little touches that really set off a room style, which is where this perfectly sized floor standing bamboo shelf unit from Madam Stoltz comes in. With a practical deep inset top and lower shelf, use in a hallway instead of a traditional console, or a bedroom or livinig space to subtly enhance the bohemian look. Check out more from the Madam...

      £ 175.00
      In Stock
    • £ 620.00

      The Exhibit black metal display cabinet from the BePureHome collection is an unashamedly industrial take on a traditional dresser. The robust handles and hardened glass doors of this matte black iron colossus make it a must have for a raw, urban look kitchen, and its generous size will ensure it delivers on both practicality and style! Basic assembly...

      £ 620.00
      In Stock
    • £ 615.00

      Have it both ways with the Boli iron and glass sideboard from Dutchbone. With the airy, open design of a low glass doored cabinet combined with the privacy of a solid door chest, this stunning sideboard gives you just the merest hint of what lays inside. Also available as a tall cabinet - see below.

      £ 615.00
      In Stock
    • £ 575.00

      It's the patterned glass sides and doors of the Boli cabinet from Dutchbone that make it such a striking display unit. With light refracting from all angles, it gives away only the most subtle of hints of what lies behind, keeping everything within private (and dust free)! Also available as a sideboard - see below.

      £ 575.00
      In Stock
    • £ 290.00

      Create the perfect space for a cosy catch up with the rattan table and stool set from Madam Stoltz. Crafted from weaved rattan and iron frames, this trio is ideal for a smaller space that still delivers on bohemian style. Put the world to rights with your favourite brew or tipple and a good friend.

      £ 290.00
      In Stock
    • £ 330.00

      The generously sized round rattan and sungkai wood coffee table from HKLiving brings a subtle touch of bohemia to your living space. The black or natural wood options give you two distinctly different looks, but whichever you choose, it creates a truly conversation inspiring centrepiece. Also available in a medium size.

      £ 330.00
        In Stock
      • £ 280.00

        The medium round rattan and sungkai wood coffee table from HKLiving - bringing a touch of bohemia to your living space. The black or natural wood options give you two distinctly different styles to complement your look, but whichever you choose, it creates a truly conversation inspiring centrepiece. Also available in a larger size.

        £ 280.00
          In Stock
        • £ 535.00

          Serve your next Bellini with a touch of bohemian Balinese style with the Bali Rattan Drinks Trolley from Danish designers Nordal. With two glass shelves and solid brass castors, this is the perfect addition to complete this year's must-have look. Part of the Nordal range of bamboo, rattan and cane furniture - see more below!

          £ 535.00
          In Stock
        • £ 340.00

          The clever design of the walnut console table from Dutch designers Zuiver transforms your cluttered space with Nordic inspired Zen. The two sliding shutter doors give ample space to hide away that ever-present clutter, while the clean,  lines and exceptional quality ensure your design karma is also kept perfectly in order!The range also includes a...

          £ 340.00
          In Stock
        • £ 220.00

          Straight out of a postcard from Bora Bora or the Bahamas, transport yourself to bohemian bliss with this natural bamboo bar stool from Madam Stoltz. With a generous seat size, high back and foot rest this is a bar stool you can truly relax into. You'll have to provide your own cocktails, but we've got you covered for comfort!

          £ 220.00
          In Stock
        • £ 520.00

          Striking iron clothes rack by Muubs that will stand the test of time.The iron clothes rack has 3 shelves and a wardrobe bar where there is space to hang and store shoes, hats and so on. A good decor tip is to hide away hats and gloves in wicker baskets. The clothes rack is designed with four wheels that can be locked, making Bronx a flexible storage...

          £ 520.00
          In Stock
        • £ 285.00

          The Loft is a ceiling hanging shelf and versatile wine rack from Danish designers Nordal, that's come straight out of a French brasserie. Have everything at your fingertips and store cookbooks, bottles and glasses like a professional, while cooking up a serious style statement. Your kitchen will be proud! Crafted from black lacquered iron with four 1m...

          £ 285.00
          In Stock
        • £ 935.00

          The unique sliding doors of the Barbier natural ash storage cabinet from Zuiver make it a stand-out nordic-inspired solution for a contemporary living space. The vertical lines of the exterior accentuatue the height of the cabinet, and behind the doors are three adjustable glass shelves The range also includes a console table / desk and sideboard - see...

          £ 935.00
          In Stock
        • £ 299.00

          The Denza iron display sideboard from the Dutchbone collection is a triumphant trove for all your treasures! With a pure vintage look and portal-like glass doors to offer a window into what lays inside, let us count the ways this stunning sideboard makes a style statement in your living space! For the smaller collection it's also available as a display...

          £ 299.00
          In Stock
        • £ 265.00

          The ingenious Sierra low shelving unit from Netherlands designers Dutchbone has it all. It's foldable. Yes, you heard right! That makes it ideal for occasional use. It has castors too! So can be re-positioned with ease. But, even though it's easy to put away, we reckon that it's way too pretty to be out of sight! Also available in a high version - see below.

          £ 265.00
          In Stock
        • £ 369.00

          There's more to Dutchbone's Sierra high shelving unit than meets the eye. At first glance, you're looking at a stylish, almost art deco set of shelves, that merit a place in any contemporary interior. However, look again. This cleverly constructed unit, with braided and lacquered kraft paper shelves, can be folded and tucked away in a jiffy. Simply...

          £ 369.00
          In Stock
        • £ 190.00

          Show us what you got! That’s what the Connor iron wall shelf from Dutchbone is all about. A perfect showcase for even the largest collection, or just with a few carefully curated ornaments to show off its handsome industrial styling.

          £ 190.00
          In Stock
        • £ 415.00

          The Oval iron display cabinet from Dutchbone proves that industrial style is not just about raw, straight edges. The striking curves of this statement glass-fronted piece immediately draw the eye and are guaranteed to show off your most valued treasures at their best. And with a compact footprint, this is a cabinet that can go pretty much anywhere!

          £ 415.00
          In Stock
        • £ 540.00

          The Gertlash antique brass display cabinet from Dutchbone delivers a brighter take on industrial style. Inspired by the classic medical apothecary cabinet, the antique brass finish creates a warm golden glow around this piece that shows off your treasured possessions, favourite tableware or personal library in exquisite elegance!

          £ 540.00
          In Stock
        • £ 570.00

          The Berlin recycled wood display cabinet from designers Dutchbone brings warmer tones with an industrial twist, and sustainability to boot! The slightly aged look of the wood combined with the black iron framework delivers an unmistakable modern look, without being too raw. Perfect for a more subtle, softer, natural living space.

          £ 570.00
          In Stock
        • £ 850.00

          The Decor high iron bookcase from Muubs is industrial style shelving at its most stunning. We just love the antique brass detailing on the legs and the organic curves of this versatile piece. The shelves are removable to suit even the most extravagant ornaments, and the movable front panel means you can create a new look or hide clutter as you see fit.

          £ 850.00
          In Stock
        • £ 9.95

          These cute ceramic planter with sweet little faces would sit pretty on any window sill. These planters are available in 2 sizes and would home your tulip bulbs perfectly. These make ideal gifts for someone who has everything.

          £ 9.95
          In Stock
        • £ 160.00

          A statement rattan wall hanging shelf from the Bloomingville collection, to give your plants, ornaments or nik-naks somewhere nicer to live! With its unusual oval shape and clever shelf design, this is so much more than just a place to put things. The four shelves are 180mm apart, and the bottom shelf is cleverly divided into three separate compartments.

          £ 160.00
          In Stock
        • £ 197.00

          Lounging will never be the same again, with the Tubo cane lounge chair from Danish designers Bloomingville. With flowing curves and a unique waterfall front, it grabs you, draws you in, and envelopes you in a comfortable cocoon. The only problem is, once you sit down, you won't want to get up again!

          £ 197.00
          In Stock
        • £ 190.00

          The elm and rattan dining chair from the Madam Stoltz collection blend a timeless classic with this season's on-trend bohemian style. Beautifully crafted dark brown elm wood with a stylish rattan back rest and generous arm rests, to complement any urban, contemporary or natural home interior. Mix and match with the elm and rattan dining chair to create...

          £ 190.00
          In Stock
        • £ 625.00

          The bamboo and rattan lounge chair from Madam Stoltz is proof that even squares can be bang on-trend! A lovingly crafted cocoon with natural bamboo frame and stylish rattan back and side panels. Put this chair front and centre in your most treasured relaxation spot, and add a cushion or a sheepskin throw for extra comfort and style. Please note that the...

          £ 625.00
          In Stock
        • £ 20.00

          Cheer up your window sill with this quirky set of 2 ceramic planters. These boho style posts with a charming face design are perfect to home you favourite plants. The pots are textured with an off white glaze that would blend effortlessly in any interior scheme.Set of 2 ø11xh11 - ø14xh15cm

          £ 20.00
          In Stock
        • £ 110.00

          Beautiful set of 2 baskets created from natural woven palm leaves. These basket make ideal storage solutions to hide away any clutter, complete with lids and handles they are perfect for storing toys, magazines, toiletries and another bits and bobs.Not only practical these lovely storage baskets would make a stylish addition to any home.    

          £ 110.00
          In Stock
        • £ 780.00

          The Bali natural rattan and glass bookshelf from Danish designers Nordal is a freestanding shelf unit that can't fail to evoke sunnier climes! Practical and on-trend with four generous glass shelves, it's the perfect place for displaying your favourite books, plants and other treasured possessions. See more from Nordal's bamboo, rattan and cane range below.

          £ 780.00
          In Stock
        • £ 99.99

          At first appearance, this is a beautiful three-shelf floor standing natural bamboo bookcase, from the new season's Bloomingville collection. But take a closer look, and you'll find that this is not only a visual superstar, the bookcase can fold away, making it ideal for storage, or when you have a room re-design! Distance between the shelves is 36cm.

          £ 99.99
          In Stock
        • £ 70.00

          The bamboo and iron table lamp from the Madam Stoltz collection is the perfect marriage of bohemian and industrial style. Creating a cosy atmosphere with its open bamboo blade design, add a warm glow to a living space corner or relax in radiance in a bedroom. Explore our full range of bamboo, rattan and cane furniture and accessories below!

          £ 70.00
          In Stock
        • £ 105.00

          The clean geometric shape of the Quadratic bamboo wall shelf from the Madam Stoltz collection gives any wall a fresh, natural and very on-trend upgrade. With three shelves at different heights you can get creative with your display, with no complex maths required!

          £ 105.00
          In Stock
        • £ 29.99

          Add a splash of colour to your home with these delightful fanned shape ceramic vases. The leaf shaped vases are available in a beautiful mustard finish or vibrant green finish.New in this spring /summer 2020 these vases are a perfect gift fo all the botanical lovers out there.

          £ 29.99
            In Stock
          • £ 350.00

            The palm leaf ceiling pendant from Tinekhome effortlessly blends the bohemian with the urban, and offers an unusual alternative to the bamboo look while keeping very much on-trend. Attentively crafted from natural weaved palm leaves, it creates a softer ambience and more subtle shadows when lit. Create your perfect space with more from our lighting range...

            £ 350.00
            In Stock
          • £ 230.00

            Proving that the rattan look is super versatile, we present the Rata cabinet from Danish designers Nordal. Perfectly suited for the bohemian bedroom, or smaller living space, this fir wood and rattan cabinet includes a top drawer to make it both practical and on-trend. See more from Nordal's bamboo, rattan and cane range below!

            £ 230.00
            In Stock
          • £ 67.00

            Thrill your wall with a bohemian treat with the rectangular(ish) two tier bamboo wall shelf from Madam Stoltz. Beautifully crafted from bamboo in a natural darker brown colouring, with a natural cotton weaved thread back. Also available as a circular option. The perfect complement to our bamboo, rattan and cane furniture - browse the whole range below!

            £ 67.00
            In Stock
          • £ 95.00

            Banish those boring walls and get bohemian with the circular two tier bamboo wall shelf from the Madam Stoltz collection. Beautifully crafted from bamboo in a natural darker brown colouring, with a natural cotton weaved thread back. Also available in a rectangular option, it's the perfect complement to our bamboo, rattan and cane furniture - browse the...

            £ 95.00
            In Stock
          • £ 76.00

            Create the authentic bohemian look and give your wall something to shout about, with the Sia natural cane circular wall shelf from Danish designers Bloomingville. Giving so much more than a boring rectangular shelf, with a handmade, rustic feel that really showcases this season's on-trend natural materials.

            £ 76.00
            In Stock
          • £ 133.00

            Versatile and on-trend, the Ezra natural cane bookcase from Danish design house Bloomingville can be either floor-standing or wall-mounted. A refreshing alternative for showcasing your library, or as a bohemian touch to boast pictures or ornaments in a hallway, it's guaranteed to add style to any space.

            £ 133.00
            In Stock
          Showing 1 - 45 of 45 items