Mango Wood Sideboards

£796.00 £995.00
You’re sure to love our Yasha Reeded Mango Wood Sideboard… With a warm walnut wash finish, a beautiful patina and simple reeded design on the front panels it’s a characterful statement piece suited to any stylish home. Crafted from sustainable mango wood, this versatile cabinet has block handles and is raised off the ground to give a light, airy feel....
£1,055.20 £1,319.00
The Forrest Mango Wood Sideboard With Drawers is an elegant, atmospheric piece providing style and practicality for your home.The warm tones of solid mango wood pair perfectly with the industrial style metal frame while the combination of doors and drawers provide a solution to storing your china, glass wear, placemats and board games. The handles are...
The unique and intricate wooden carvings on the door inlays of the Chisel Cabinet from Dutchbone really make it a sight to behold. This mid-sized, two door cabinet is crafted from mango wood with a powder-coated black frame and two internal shelves.  The overall look of the piece is somewhere between natural rustic and industrial styling. Great as a...

Counter Solid Mango Wood Sideboard

De Eekhoorn
£839.20 £1,049.00
Own the Counter solid mango wood sideboard and you are owning something unique. Each piece is individually carved to create not only a striking visual statement, but also a truly exclusive item of furniture. But this isn't just about looks, as sitting behind the soft-close doors, the generous proportions of the Counter make it a versatile storage solution...
£999.20 £1,249.00
For a master class in style look no further than the Draw Mango Wood Sideboard with Media Storage!From the collection of Dutch brand BePureHome and with a strikingly individual 3D pattern on the doors, this cabinet really is a thing of beauty.Solid mango wood has been given a warm walnut finish enhancing the shapes and textural feel, whilst the playful...
Turn heads with the truly unique Meena Mango Wood Cabinet from Dutchbone. The hand-lacquered peacock-inspired doors deliver an immediate pop of colour that brightens any contemporary space and makes an instant style statement. Sitting proudly on an iron frame, with brass door furniture, this is one cabinet you have to own!
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Mango Wood Sideboards

Our mango sideboards bring a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and functional versatility to your home whilst creating a comforting ambience. Mango wood adds a touch of warmth and richness to your interior, inviting you to relax and feel at ease in a humbling atmosphere, all while serving as a timeless piece of furniture to store books, dining room essentials, fine glassware, board games, clothing, electronics, or your most valuable possessions.

Quality Craftsmanship and Durability

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, our mango sideboards are made from the finest quality wood, known for its durability and unique grain patterns. Mango wood sideboards are made to last and stand the test of time, making them a reliable and timeless furniture investment that will continue to complement existing trends and future ones.

Their enduring appeal ensures that they remain relevant and stylish throughout the years. With various unique textures, patterns, and tones to choose from, our mango wood sideboards harness an eye-catching and detailed quality that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

Timeless Style and Storage

The craftsmanship of our mango wood sideboards not only enhances the visual appeal and character of your space but creates an engaging focal point in your hallway, dining room, bedroom, or lounge. These sideboards are a perfect storage solution for tableware, bedding, or any household goods, helping you keep your living space organised and stylish - whilst imbuing your interior with a fashionable and chic feel.

Effortlessly combining form and function, our mango sideboards complement various interior styles - retro, farmhouse, boho, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, minimalist, and more.

Natural Connection and Warmth

Incorporating natural materials into your home, like one of our mango sideboards, allows the organic beauty of nature to inspire a harmonious, calm, and grounding atmosphere in your space. This natural connection creates a balanced and serene living environment, encouraging you to embrace the beauty of nature, with each piece telling a unique story through its grains.

Our Counter Solid Mango Wood Sideboard offers a striking visual statement, and its dark shade influences its surroundings with a sense of sophistication, depth, and contrast. Meanwhile, our Yasha Reeded Mango Wood Sideboard inspires a warm, refreshing, and relaxed interior.

Discover our collection of mango wood sideboards today and add a touch of style, visual appeal, and functionality to your home. 

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