As trends from the 1960 - 1990s circle back into style, retro is a hot topic, and it’s only gaining popularity. With its bold colours, unique patterns, and distinct designs, retro-style interiors are a blast from the past with modernised twists that everyone should know about. Our rattan furniture collection has taken inspiration from the past, giving you those revived retro feels. 

What Does Retro Style Mean?

The retro style consists of designs that take influence from the recent past, or ‘previous era’, by copying and reviving earlier ideas. It’s playful and bold, with contrasting colours, textures and shapes. Think of patterned wallpaper, bold graphics, quaint furniture and decorated flooring.

How Old Is Retro?

Retro is a commonly used term for objects around 20 years old. So when we talk about retro, we’re referring to pieces of furniture, clothing or styles from the 1970s to 1990s. However, ideas from the 1950s and 1960s are sometimes included in this stand-out, quirky style!

What is The Difference Between Vintage And Retro?

Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between them. The word vintage is usually used for objects that are authentic and are actually from a particular era. These items are at least 40 years old. In contrast, retro are new items that have recently been made to mimic and copy the style of items from the past. 


What Is Retro Style Furniture?

The nice thing about having a retro-style interior is that, unlike the vintage style, there are many items to choose from. There’s genuinely an abundance available for you to pick from! We have a range of retro-style furniture that’ll revive that nostalgic feel with a contemporary twist. Here are some great furniture pieces:

Stella Black Wood and Rattan Chest of Drawers

The natural woven style of our Stella Black and Rattan Chest of Drawers has taken inspiration from the 1970s. With its solid oak material, this sturdy chest of drawers is the perfect characteristic addition to your bedroom, giving you plenty of storage for clothes and other essentials. 

Madam Stoltz Bamboo & Rattan Lounge Chair

Another great piece of furniture with a woven style is our Madam Stoltz Bamboo & Rattan Lounge Chair. This bamboo chair has a quirky shape, stylish side arms, and a groovy woven pattern that’ll do wonders for your designated chill-out area.

HKliving Cane and Wood Retro Oval Cabinet 

As mentioned previously, retro is all about unique shapes. What speaks more retro than our handmade HKliving Cane and Wood Retro Oval Cabinet? This dazzling cabinet will complement any area of your home with its striking door panels, smooth mango wood, and unusual iron legs. With a colour choice of black or grey, its oval shape will also add a gentle, soft touch to your interior.

Zuiver Back to School Dining Chairs

Adding some colour to your retro revamp is a must! These Zuiver Back to School Dining Chairs come in groovy earthy hues that’ll add a calm yet enticing feel to your home. The petrol blue is a groovy choice, perfect for adding a bold yet serene splash of colour. These chairs come as a pair; other colour options include brown, olive and beige.

HKliving Fern Green Storage Cupboard

If you’re looking for furniture that isn’t afraid to stand out with a vibrant colour whilst still honing minimalistic vibes, look no further than our HKliving Fern Green Storage Cupboard. Featuring a fearless green paint finish, its long and wide body and short, slim legs will speak retro all day and evening. Inspired by the 1960s, this bold cabinet provides an excellent shelved storage solution to hide those items you don’t want on display behind beautiful blocked panelled doors.

Orsen Set of 3 Hanging Wall Mirrors

Our set of Orsen Hanging Wall Mirrors will make an excellent feature on your walls that will bounce around natural light, making your space look brighter and feel airier. Displaying three distinct shapes with decorative hanging chains will undoubtedly add a ‘blast from the past’ feel to your interior.

Madam Stoltz Small Ceramic Bubble Vase

Why get a regular vase when you could get a Madam Stoltz Small Ceramic Bubble Vase? This funky and interesting vase is a fantastic piece of decor that’ll jazz up your interior with a nice touch of colour. It’s perfect for displaying your favourite flowers as a stand-alone or grouped with our other quirky vases. As well as this one, you can also choose from a soft green or classic cream.

For more inspiration on styling your interior with a retro feel, read our blog on retro storage ideas for your home.

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