Your bedroom should be a relaxing space in your home where you can rest and achieve a good night’s sleep. One way of boosting the relaxing vibes in your bedroom is to choose furniture and decor that is calming and restful. 

While your living spaces might be filled with vibrant patterns and plush textures, you may want your bedroom to have a more natural and simple feel. Bamboo furniture in your bedroom can bring this sense of nature, creating a serene and stylish sleeping space. 

We share some ideas to help you incorporate bamboo furniture into your bedroom design.

bamboo bedside table

Bamboo Nightstands

Add matching bamboo nightstands to each side of your bed. The bamboo frame will provide sleek designs with clean lines, offering both functionality and style. Look for nightstands with drawers or shelves to provide storage for books, lamps, or other bedside essentials.

We love the Nordal Hayes Bamboo and Rattan Bedside Table, which has all of these features, providing ample space to pop all of your favourite things! The dark bamboo design is unique and pairs wonderfully with the skillfully crafted rattan. 

bamboo clothes rail

Bamboo Clothes Storage

Bamboo furniture offers an airier option compared to solid wood or metal furniture, which serves to enhance the natural vibe. A freestanding clothes rail made from bamboo can work wonderfully for a Scandi or organic modern bedroom. 

The Tine K Home Bamboo Freestanding Clothes Rail is a simple and elegant solution to clothes storage. It features five handy hooks for longer garments and two storage shelves for shoes, bags, towels or bedding. 

bamboo ladder

For extra storage, you could add a Tine K Home Bamboo Towel or Clothes Ladder, which is a unique way to display or store fabrics. Made with natural bamboo, it easily adds Scandi charm to your room. You could use it to store worn but still wearable clothing items, hang towels or use it decoratively by hanging fairy lights and plants from it. 

bamboo shelves

Bamboo Shelving Units

Add extra storage and display space to your bedroom with bamboo shelving units. These can be used to showcase books, decorative items, or personal mementoes. 

The simplicity of the design, combined with the natural character of bamboo, makes the Tine K Home Bamboo Tall Shelf Unit a perfect piece for any Nordic-inspired bedroom. These handmade shelves are full of charm and provide plenty of space for you to pop trinkets, folded clothes, skincare or books. 

bamboo shelves

You could also consider wall-mounted bamboo shelves for a space-saving solution and as a way to display some of your favourite items or plants. The Madam Stoltz Bamboo Rectangular Wall Shelf is a great choice for this, providing three shelves and adding a boho feel to your bedroom. 

Bamboo Accent Chairs 

An easy way to incorporate bamboo into your bedroom seating area is with a bamboo accent chair or couch. Choose designs with bamboo frames and add cushions upholstered in soft fabrics for added comfort. These pieces can provide a cosy spot for reading or relaxation.

The bamboo and rattan lounge chair from Madam Stoltz is a lovingly crafted cocoon with a natural bamboo frame and stylish rattan back and side panels. Put this chair front and centre in your most treasured relaxation spot, and add a cushion or a sheepskin throw for extra comfort and style.

bamboo couch

Pictured: Tine K Home Natural Bamboo Couch with Cushion

Bamboo Daybeds & Couches

While you might not want your main bed to be made from bamboo, adding in a bamboo daybed or couch is a fantastic way of adding a natural and relaxing touch to your bedroom. 

Daybeds provide a place to rest and relax during the day, where you can lounge to read a book, watch a film or have a little nap!  They also function as additional sleep space if you have guests staying. 

For more bamboo inspirations, check out our full collection of bamboo furniture and accessories. For more natural decor ideas for your bedroom, check out our previous post:

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