The Art Deco design style rose to prominence in the 1920s and is now seen as the iconic defining style of that time period. Art Deco style is characterised by geometric designs and patterns, opulent finishes and sculptural sophistication. 

Art Deco elements have remained popular over the years and can be seen as the inspiration for many other popular design trends. If you are looking to add some Art Deco flair to your interior, then check out our curated selection of Art Deco style furniture below to find the perfect piece for your home. 

art deco drinks cabinet

Manhattan Art Deco Drinks Cabinet

When we reminisce about the 1920s, it evokes ideas of the Great Gatsby and roaring 20s parties, so if you’re looking to bring an Art Deco feel to your home, then a drinks cabinet is a must.

The Manhattan Art Deco Drinks Cabinet is a fantastic choice for those wanting a sleek and stylish cabinet in suave silver. Opening up the doors, you’ll find a mirrored back panel, black shelving and plenty of space to store your bottles, glasses and bar accessories. 

For the full home bar experience, pair your drinks station with leather bar stools, further embracing the luxurious materials and colours of the style. 

Halle Brass and Glass Side Table

Pop the Halle Brass and Glass Side Table next to a velvet sofa or shell armchair for a finishing touch on your Art Deco-inspired interior. The mottled glass top and brass geometric design base is classic 1920s chic. Use as a companion for your seating to hold your glass or position with lamps or vases for a decorative flair in your room. 

Nordal Brass Art Deco Drinks Trolley

Bring Art Deco elegance to your entertaining with the Nordal Brass Art Deco Drinks Trolley. The sculptural, symmetrical design and brass finish are classic Art Deco and will look like a work of art in your home. 

Use it as a drinks trolley when hosting parties, or use it as statement storage to show off your favourite trinkets in any room. 

art deco brass shelves

Intense Antique Brass and Glass Shelf Unit

Elegant, glamorous and featuring a brass geometric design, the Intense Antique Brass and Glass Shelf Unit is a must for any Art Deco home interior. Clearly inspired by Art Deco style, the shelving unit from BePureHome is the perfect blend of practical and stylish, providing plenty of space to display items while evoking a true 1920s feel. 

Zuiver Beverly Black Rug

Whether you want to go Art Deco from floor to ceiling or just want a vintage feature in your living room, the Zuiver Beverly Black Rug is a great place to start. 

The monochrome pattern is clearly inspired by 1920s Art Deco and provides a luxurious statement piece for your room. Use it alone for a touch of Art Deco, or use it to keep a stronger theme going throughout your home, tying together a fuller retro space. 

The rug comes in small or large sizes and is also available in pink. 

Dutchbone Sansa Dining Table

Dine in Art Deco style with the Dutchbone Sansa Dining Table! Featuring curved tempered glass and a stunning brass-finish frame and legs, this dining table is the perfect blend of Art Deco and modern style. 

We hope these Art Deco-style pieces have inspired you to bring a 1920s touch to your interior! Take a look at our full range of furniture and home accessories to discover even more vintage-inspired treasures! 

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