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  • £ 69.99

    This handy hook and shelf rack has 5 hooks and a practical shelf to display some bits and bobs. The Giro vintage style metal wall rack is multitalented, it would work well in a hallway for coats and hats or equally as well in a kitchen to hang cups or other bits and pieces.

    £ 69.99
  • £ 299.00

    This vintage style chest of drawers on castors is made from metal, its black finish gives it a rustic Industrial look that would complement many interior styles. Complete with 5 drawers in 3 different sizes, making this cabinet a very useful/stylish storage unit in your kitchen, study or playroom. 

    £ 299.00
  • £ 125.00

    The edgy Industrial style Giro shelf trolleys is available in 3 sizes. Complete with a metal cage surround, wooden shelfs and handy castors makes this a very practical storage unit. A stylish mix of a movable shelving unit and a trolley the perfect display piece for any room in the home

    £ 125.00
  • £ 359.00

    Stunning Medicine style cabinets in high & low. The glass sides and door make these cabinets perfect for displaying kitchenware, laundry, toiletries or treasured possessions. Manufactured from metal and complete with 3 glass shelfs. Available in Low & High

    £ 359.00
  • £ 399.00

    The Puristic cabinet makes a stunning display case with is Industrial inspired look. The cabinet is manufactured from metal with large glass doors and includes 4 handy storage shelfs to store or display tableware, books or treasured possessions. This cabinet would fit perfectly in any modern or urban interior.Basic assembly required 

    £ 399.00
  • £ 1,190.00

    This eye-catching high quality black painted cabinet from timekhome has two glass doors and three adjustable shelves. This versatile cabinet would look fabulous in any room with plenty of space to show off your finer possessions.

    £ 1,190.00
  • £ 45.00

    Industrial style wall hung magazine rack. A quirky alternative to the traditional floor standing racks. Display your favourite reads creatively or keep your papers and post organised. Made from black metal complete with two hanging holes to either side for attaching to a wall.

    £ 45.00
  • £ 1,300.00

    This vintage style cabinet is reminiscent of an old medical cabinet. The frame is manufactured from iron with glass side panels and doors with a metal latch door opening. Includes 3 glass shelves which are perfect for displaying all your favourite memorabilia. This striking cabinet would make a statement in any home.

    £ 1,300.00
  • £ 499.00

    This locker style cabinet in a cool grey painted finish complete with 3 doors, would make a stylish book case or look cool in a kid’s room. The cabinet is made of mango wood, with metal handles and includes three shelves. Delivered assembled

    £ 499.00
  • £ 1,995.00

    Tall iron cabinet with glass doors. This spacious cabinet is divided into two spaces with shelves to keep everything from ceramics to clothes. The large closet has an elegant dark nuance, and adds an almost majestic expression to any room. Combine it with wooden furniture to soften up the dark iron or combine it with industrial inspired furniture in order...

    £ 1,995.00
  • £ 199.00

    These stylish display cabinets have a gold coloured finish, glass doors and 3 removable shelves. Its functional yet stylish design allows you to display your bits and bobs stylishly and its rail to hang your some memorabilia elegantly.  

    £ 199.00
  • £ 1,390.00

    This stunning high cabinet in black-painted metal designed by tinekhome. The cabinet has two oblong glass doors, three adjustable shelves and two drawers in the bottom. Large, spacious cabinet for storage and display of beautiful objects, books and ceramics.

    £ 1,390.00
  • £ 900.00

    This glass and metal cabinet is a gorgeous combination and a classic essential with an industrial style twist.  Feature in an urban loft decor or co-ordinate with eclectic accessories in a bland contemporary space.Slightly reminiscent of throwbacks from the past, these cabinets will display and organize your belongings or collections to your heart's...

    £ 900.00
    • £ 660.00

      Our metal display cabinet on wheels has a vintage industrial look that would add a touch of style to your interior. The cabinet has 2 large glass doors, 3 shelves and a large storage space underneath with a drop down door. Could be used as a drinks cabinet, a place to store linen or just a cabinet to showcase books, crockery and memorabilia in a modern...

      £ 660.00
    • £ 1,499.00

      The Viva cabinet with its glass doors, eight shelves and four drawers is the ultimate storage system. This classy piece has a black mahogany frame, mango interior and plywood back. The versatile cabinet would look fabulous with crockery, books bedding or clothes the possibilities are endless.

      £ 1,499.00
    • £ 499.00

      This glass and metal cabinet with 4 Shelves is a gorgeous combination and a classic essential with an industrial style twist.  Feature in an urban loft decor or co-ordinate with eclectic accessories in a bland contemporary space.Forms part of our Metropoliatan Range

      £ 499.00
      • £ 895.00

        Tall cabinet in iron with one door. The elegant cabinet is made of black iron. The dark nuance and raw material of the cabinet carries a masculine, Nordic signature that works well with both wooden furniture and rawer industrial designs. Use the cabinet in your bedroom to store your clothes, or in the living room to keep books, ceramics or decorations.

        £ 895.00
      • £ 449.00

        These single door cabinets are stylish and perfectly formed. Available in black, taupe and army green includes 2 shelves and a beautiful wooden closure. These cupboards would make an ideal addition to your home especially if you’re struggling for some extra space to store your bits and bobs.

        £ 449.00
        • £ 449.00

          We love this stylish clothing rail perfect for Urban loft living. This open wardrobe offers handing space, a large drawer and shelving space. Finished in a black distressed stain to give it a contemporary feel. Fitted with castors making it easy to move around the room. 

          £ 449.00
        • £ 849.00

          We love this unique bookcase or display unit. It has a chic industrial style with its large raw metal wheels and rustic wooden tray shelfs. This large trolley is not only impressive in appearance but well designed for practical purposes also.     

          £ 849.00
        • £ 325.00

          Set of 2 Army Green cabinets constructed from solid mango wood complete with metal handles painted green. Reminiscent of the old style locker cabinets, this set would make lovely bedside cabinets or alternatively lamp/side tables. 

          £ 325.00
        • £ 1,295.00

          Iron cabinet with two grid doors. The cabinet has an industrial feel and a raw look that carries a masculine signature. Use the cabinet in your living room to keep books, ceramics or decorations. The dark iron nuance of the cabinet serves as a beautiful background to decorations in both darker and lighter colour tones. 

          £ 1,295.00
        • £ 1,200.00

          Make a real statement with this 24 drawer Apothecary Chest. Constructed in a rough distressed pinewood finish complete with industrial style draw pulls, this chest would work well with both urban or modern style living.Extremely practical storage solution, with plenty of drawer space to hide any clutter and open drawers to display and be creative. 

          £ 1,200.00
        • £ 75.95

          These well formed Kisari Display Cabinets are finished in a metal rust coloured finish and glass doors. Ideal for a bathroom cabinet, office, kitchen or any room you require some extra storage, these cabinets were created to display your contents within attractively. Its practical yet stylish design means that it fits easily into any interior. 

          £ 75.95
        • £ 999.00

          This unique display unit is simply stunning. Manufactured in a distressed rough pine finish with glass casing to display a multitude of possessions. Toiletries, tableware, shoes and accessories the possibilities are endless. The drawers are accessed at the back of the unit and vary in size from large to small complete with distressed metal handles.

          £ 999.00
        • £ 499.00

          This locker style cabinet in a white painted finish complete with 3 doors, would make a stylish book case or look cool in a kid’s room. The cabinet is made of mango wood, with metal handles and includes three shelves. Delivered assembled

          £ 499.00
        • £ 375.00

          The small sized cabinet in black iron can be used in various ways. Use it as a bed stand with your favourite reading books, place it next to your couch in the living room and use it as a combined cabinet and side table.

          £ 375.00
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