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    • £ 23.00

      Set of 3 round bowls with an understated grey exterior and silver foil finish interior. These functional yet decorative bowls would look fabulous on a dressing table for trinkets or pe-dinner snacks.

      £ 23.00
    • £ 25.00

      Lovely oval bowls in a brushed brass finish. Available in large and small, these bowls are perfect as a decorative piece, keeping small trinkets or for pre-dinner snacks when entertaining.

      £ 25.00
    • £ 9.95

      These stylish brass pots are skilfully decorated using age old intricate etching techniques, creating stunning patterns and adding beautiful decorative detail. Ideal for storing bits and bobs and would make an exquisite gift for a friend or member of family.Colour:  Brass

      £ 9.95
    • £ 11.00

      Stunning smoke glass vase with a decorative brass ring detailing around the neck. Available in small and large these are the perfect solution to add a splash of colour bringing the outdoors indoors and sophistication to your space. 

      £ 11.00
    • £ 10.00

      Stylish decorative pots available in either small or large, handmade using an etching technique on the surface to create an ornate pattern.These gorgeous bowls would make a perfect present for bits and bobs, t-light holders or come up with your own uses.Also available in a Gold finish

      £ 10.00
    • £ 29.95

      These pretty Sienna pots are the little sister to our Sofia pots. Each one is finished with a delicate pattern in rustic silver. Ideal for Christmas gifts , these glass containers are decievingly large and would look great displayed on a dressing table or bathroom shelf and would instantly add a stylish accessory to a mantlepiece or dresser.Colour:...

      £ 29.95
    • £ 14.95

      These enchanting little heart glass pot with a distressed finish would make a perfect gift. Hand finished in this rustic antique silver,perfect for storing all kinds of small items from earrings to cotton wool.Colour: Antique Silver

      £ 14.95
    • £ 29.95

      These simple but stylish collection boxes are both functional and elegant. This box has eight compartments with a mirrored base to reflect your cherished objects. These are really lovely pieces to fill with speciel bits and bobs for your home or to give as a special gift.

      £ 29.95
    • £ 22.95

      These simple but stylish collection boxes are both functional and elegant. This box has three compartments with a mirrored base to reflect your cherished objects. These are really lovely pieces and fabulous for small storage for your home or to give as a special gift.Made from brass metal and glass, these boxes have a distressed finish with a simple slide...

      £ 22.95
    • £ 24.99

      A Simple jewellery tree stand is the perfect way to keep your jewellery organised whilst making an attractive display piece on your dressing table. Surrounded by a glass case with a latch opening in a black or brass finish, is a unique gift idea that will be treasured all year round.   

      £ 24.99
      • £ 22.95

        The elegant Kavali divider box is handmade from copper and glass. Each piece is individually hand welded handmade by skilled artisans, offering a beautifully crafted storage space. The copper has a warm antique look and style.

        £ 22.95
      • £ 29.95

        This elegant collections box is handmade from copper and glass and intricately welded together by skilled artisans. With its glass lid it offers a beautiful storage space for all kinds of bits & bobs. Finished in copper giving it a warm antique look & style. 

        £ 29.95
      • £ 24.99

        These quirky pineapple dishes finished in gold are available in small and large. Ideal for keeping your trinkets or as a decorative table dish when entertaining. If you love all things pineapple these would make a stylish addition to your home or a perfect gift for a loved one. 

        £ 24.99
      • £ 19.95

        Our handmade charming bequai pots are skilfully welded creating an elegant star shaped lid. Available in 2 sizes these brass pots have an attractive mirrored base to reflect all your bits and bobs within. 

        £ 19.95
      • £ 19.99

        Beautiful blue glass trinket boxes are sold as a set of 2. There gorgeous dimpled finish and angular lines give these glass pots a vintage feel. An essential for any dressing table or lovers of blue.

        £ 19.99
      • £ 34.95

        Our elegant Kavali display box is a gorgeous way to showcase jewellery or other small mementos. The box has been designed with an elegant slant to display the items beautifully within. Finished in copper with a latch like closing. this is the perfect gift for any occasion.   

        £ 34.95
      • £ 49.95

        These delightful brass and glass Bequai Compartment Boxes would showcase your jewellery beautifully. The elegant box consist of a top layer with 2 compartments and a further lower level of 4 compartments. 

        £ 49.95
      • £ 12.95

        These elegant brass star pots available in small, medium or large are a stylish way to store your pens, pencils, makeup brushes or handy items. Dress your desk, kitchen shelf or dressing table with these lovely storage pots.

        £ 12.95
      • £ 6.95

        The beautiful Jahi pot is handmade from solid brass has slight irregularities due to its origin. These decorative bowls would be an ideal table accessory or keeping small items such as change or jewellery.

        £ 6.95
      • £ 9.95

        These elegant bowl are created from brass with a contrasting black base. Each bowl is beautifully hand etched inside to create a textured decorative finish. Perfect gift for someone special.

        £ 9.95
      • £ 11.95

        The Sofia heart pot is created from glass with a beautiful distressed silver finish. They are a lovely decorative accessory for storing small knick-knacks or jewellery. 

        £ 11.95
      Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items