In the ever-evolving world of interior design, industrial style has carved out its own niche, offering a raw and edgy aesthetic that resonates with modern homeowners. Inspired by old factories and warehouses, you’d be forgiven for thinking that industrial style furniture or styling sounds a little like living in the middle of a building site! And it's true that when the term first appeared in the 70s, industrial style was all about making a feature of rough and imperfect spaces. Great if you lived in a converted city loft or refurbished factory with its exposed beams, pipes & brickwork. 

Today, however, industrial styling and furniture are all about functionality and appearance, using hard-wearing materials such as wood, metal and concrete and inspired by old factory and laboratory pieces. 

If you're looking to infuse your space with this unique charm, incorporating industrial style furniture can be a game-changer. Here are some creative ways to add industrial flair to your interior.

A few key pieces can transform your home

You don't need to live in an urban apartment or loft conversion to create the look. The key to effectively adding industrial elements into your home is the mixing and matching of modern styles with older-inspired architectural details. No need to go overboard; a few key pieces could transform your home into a unique, stylish living space.

Industrial-style furniture has now become increasingly popular among Scandinavian furniture designers, making it more available, very on-trend and a key feature in many homes needing a modern lease of life.

We have a range of Industrial and Urban style display cabinets, shelving, stools, lighting & occasional furniture to suit any modern living space. Here are our top tips for styling an industrial space with just a few of our favourite furniture pieces:


Focus on Functional Pieces

Industrial furniture often doubles as functional art. Invest in pieces that serve a purpose while making a statement. Consider a rolling bar cart made from metal or wood, a stylish and practical addition to your entertainment area. Likewise, industrial-style storage solutions like metal cabinets, lockers, or wire mesh baskets not only provide ample storage but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

muubs shelf

Muubs Boston High Iron and Glass Display Cabinet

The Muubs Boston High Iron and Glass Display Cabinet is an Industrial-style cabinet with glass doors. This spacious cabinet is divided into two spaces with shelves to keep everything from ceramics to clothes. This large cabinet has an elegant dark nuance and adds an almost majestic expression to any room. Combine it with wooden furniture to soften up the dark iron or with industrial-inspired furniture in order to make an even more raw expression.

Umi Extra Large Iron Shelf Unit on Wheels

The Umi Extra Large Iron Shelf Unit on Wheels brings an industrial edge to your storage and is an easy way to bring the aesthetic into your kitchen or dining space. It is generously sized, with a striking rust finish and slatted shelves to bring an industrial feel, without compromising on storage ability. 

Stack up cookbooks, store kitchen utensils and pantry essentials. Alternatively, create an eye-catching display with luscious plants and your favourite memorabilia.

Raw Materials

At the heart of industrial style lies the use of raw materials such as reclaimed wood, metal, and concrete. These materials infuse your space with a sense of history and craftsmanship. Consider investing in a sturdy industrial dining table crafted from wood, its weathered surface telling stories of the past. Pair it with leather or metal chairs featuring sleek steel frames, and you’ll have a dining area that exudes industrial charm.

industrial dining table

Dutchbone Alagon Dining Table

Combining a walnut tree trunk table and black tapered metal legs, the Dutchbone Alagon Dining Table is a great choice for industrial kitchens and dining rooms. The combination of the dark frame, the warmth of the wood and the rustic styling would be eye-catching in any interior. Perfect for family times, entertaining and making memories.

Vintage Window Mirror

The Dutchbone Vintage Window Mirror has a rustic charm with its withered iron frame to give it that industrial vintage style. Its design is inspired by old warehouse windows with iron frames. This mirror would definitely add light and character to your hallway or living space. If you want to make a wow feature, hang two side-by-side for greater impact.

Upholster With Leather

Leather upholstery is a quintessential element of industrial design. Incorporate leather sofas, armchairs, or bar stools into your living space to introduce a sense of rugged elegance. The natural wear and patina of leather add character, making it a perfect fit for industrial interiors.

Tan Ribbed Leather and Iron Bar Chair

Our industrial-style bar chairs feature an attractive iron frame and a stylish seat & back upholstered in quality tan leather with detailed ribbed stitching. The Tan Ribbed Leather and Iron Bar Chair is a classic style for any industrial space, so adding these to a breakfast bar or drinks area will quickly add an industrial feel. 

Metal Accents

Metal accents play a pivotal role in industrial design. Look for furniture pieces that boast metal details like steel legs, exposed rivets, or industrial-style hardware. Incorporate shelving units with visible metal brackets, allowing you to display your cherished possessions with an industrial twist. The juxtaposition of raw materials and exposed hardware creates a visually appealing and functional storage solution.

Nordal Downtown Large 3 Door Iron Display Cabinet

The Nordal Downtown Large 3 Door Iron Display Cabinet brings instant industrial vibes to your space with its metal finish and clean design. Show off your treasured possessions behind the glass doors - there’s plenty of space on the four full-width internal shelves! Featuring black painted iron, this is a perfect way to add metal accents to your home for an industrial feel. 

Dutchbone Lucius Iron Coat Rack with Shelf

Add a little urban-style living to your home with the Dutchbone Lucius Iron Coat Rack. This industrial style coat rack is a stylish but practical way to hang coats and for storing shoes or accessories on the shelf and 2 sliding storage boxes. By positioning this in your hallway, you’ll curate an industrial vibe from the second you step into your home. 

Glass Detailing

While metal and wood are considered the quintessential materials of the industrial interior design style, glass is also a fantastic material to incorporate into an industrial home. The marriage of metal and glass, in particular, creates a harmonious balance, adding an industrial edge to your living room.

Dutchbone Boli Iron Coffee Tables

Metal coffee tables effortlessly marry functionality and aesthetics for an industrial space.

The Dutchbone Boli Iron Coffee Tables are a great example of this, with the combination of black powder-coated iron and tempered glass top. These two nesting tables slide neatly together for an industrial twist on this classic.

Illuminate with Industrial Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in interior design, and industrial style lighting fixtures are iconic. Opt for pendant lights with metal shades, exposed bulbs, or wire cages. Vintage industrial floor lamps with adjustable arms not only provide task lighting but also add an industrial focal point to your reading nook or workspace. Edison bulbs are a popular choice for industrial lighting due to their vintage and raw aesthetic. These fixtures not only illuminate your space but also serve as eye-catching design elements.

Dutchbone Cubo Brass Pendant Light

The Dutchbone Cubo brass pendant light is a simple yet stunning way of incorporating industrial-style lighting into any space. The combination of the exposed bulb and geometric brass frame gives this pendant a raw quality whilst keeping its classic good looks. It can cast interesting silhouettes to create an ambient atmosphere. 

By integrating raw materials, metal accents, reclaimed wood, industrial lighting, exposed hardware, and glass details, you can transform your space into a haven of industrial elegance. Embrace the charm of industrial design, and watch as your interior comes to life with character, warmth, and a touch of vintage allure.

Browse our full range of industrial style furniture to discover the perfect pieces for your home. 

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