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Our top 5 cabinets of 2019

Here at Accessories for the Home, our cabinet range is our most popular category. So today we want to share with you our five favourite vintage, urban and industrial style cabinets of 2019!

As the festive season is upon us, it seems only right to start our list with two drop-dead gorgeous drinks cabinets. Each is very different in style, but both have the ability to kick-start the conversation at any soirée.

1. Dutchbone Vino drinks cabinet

Dutchbone Vino drinks cabinet from Accessories for the HomeThe Dutchbone Vino - Vintage French style with a modern urban twist

The eagle-eyed amongst you will be familiar with the Dutchbone Vino from our social media posts and newsletter. It's a firm favourite for very good reason ...

The design wouldn't be amiss in a vintage French kitchen, with aging on the solid firwood cabinet for that rustic look. Iron sides, legs and hardware bring it bang up to date.

The shape is super-practical: tall and slim, this is a cabinet that will fit pretty much anywhere, but the height ensures you don't lose out on valuable storage space.

Store fifteen bottles of wine in the dedicated bottle shelves and spirits on the shelf above. Glasses hang from the top of the cabinet, and all your bar accessories go neatly in the three drawers below.

It's easy to see why we love it, and why it's one of our most talked about pieces!

2. Nordal Downtown metal sideboard

Nordal Downtown two door metal cabinet from Accessories for the HomeThe Downtown two door metal sideboard by Nordal

Second on our list, and part of the Downtown range of cabinets from Denmark's Nordal, this two door metal cabinet is a versatile sideboard, drinks cabinet, and display cabinet all in one!

Perfect to add an urban highlight to any space, it's shorter and wider than the Vino, but not overpowering in size. Its glass doors ensure that, whatever you choose to use it for, the impact will be impressive. Surround it with natural, warm woods to compliment the raw, black iron look, or match it with other Downtown pieces for the full industrial effect.

With the Downtown range, Nordal have produced an extensive line of free-standing and wall cabinets with a distinctive glass and metal industrial look. With a large variety of sizes, there's a cabinet in there for everyone. Browse the whole range here!

3. Nordal Open Mesh Teak Wood Cabinets

Nordal Open Mesh Teak Cabinet from Accessories for the HomeThe Open Mesh Teak Cabinet from Nordal

While most of the new wave of rattan furniture is presented in paler hues, this black lacquered teak wood cabinet from Nordal brings a refreshing alternative. It's black rattan doors deliver the lightness of open mesh with a more urban look.

It's minimal, nordic style makes this a cabinet that can sit comfortably alongside any decor style. It offers practical, stylish storage without over-powering the room.

We particularly love the quirky pull-up door on the bottom cabinet. It's these sorts of details that make Nordal's furniture so sought after, and why they are always top of our favourites.

And if black isn't for you, it's also available in a natural finish.

4. The James Cabinet from Woood

Woood James Cabinet from Accessories for the HomeThe Woood James is a simple, sleek storage superstar!

Woood is a brand of De Eekhorn, the Dutch design house renowned for their attractive, practical and exquisitely built contemporary furniture. The James cabinet embodies all of these qualities in a stunning storage superstar!

A truly versatile cabinet, the clever design of the James means you have plenty of display space behind its full-height glass doors, but also cupboards to hide away those things that don't need to be on show.

Standing at two metres high and just over a metre wide, it is a proper storage solution with a real contemporary urban feel, and will stand-out in any modern living space.

5. BePureHome Stuff Metal Drawer Cabinets

BePureHome Stuff Cabinet from Accessories for the HomeBePureHome's Stuff distressed metal cabinet is available in black and white

Fifth but buy no means last, a slimline distressed-look industrial must-have! The Stuff cabinet from BePureHome makes our list for its stunning looks, and practicality.

Available in both black and white, the cabinet sits on castors - great for when you want a change of look and need to reposition without having to empty it all out!

The five drawers, in three different sizes, mean there's space for most things. Its slim profile means it will slot easily into any space, in pretty much any room.

Before we go ...

Buying a display, drinks or wall-hanging cabinet is always a significant event. Large, statement items like these need to compliment or define your living space and, especially when you are buying online, the decision is often not straightforward.

If that wasn't enough to contend with, the process of receiving your brand new cabinet can often be fraught with problems, from delivery issues through to assembly and final positioning.

We've been putting beautiful cabinets in homes in every corner of the UK for many years. We take great care to ensure our team treat your precious new purchase with as much care as if it were their own.

We're here to advise on every step of your purchase, and will ensure you are utterly delighted with the result!

Browse our full range of cabinets here or check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for the newest additions to our collection, and please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements with us in more detail ...

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