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Coffee Tables — Spring 2020 Style Shot

In this Style Shot, we introduce our range of side and coffee tables, carefully curated to save you the hard work of selecting your next perfect piece!

Given the amount of coffee we drink as a nation, it's no surprise that a quick Google for coffee tables results in a quite overwhelming number of styles, shapes and build quality. So how do you source your next exceptionally made, super-stylish, coffee, side or occasional table, without spending hours scrolling through screens of same-old same-old?

Firstly, a practical matter to consider: although often seen as a companion table, there's no reason why your next side table can't make a statement of its own. Decide whether you want your table to complement your existing look or shout out your new style, and then the rest is easy!

Statement side tables

Let's start with the pieces that make the most noise! These are tables that, literally, stand on their own two feet. Use them to broadcast your existing room style loud and clear.

We've chosen the raw industrial concrete and iron Willy coffee table from Danish design powerhouse Muubs to start this list.

Muubs Willy Concrete and Iron Coffee Table from Accessories for the Home

Coffee tables don't get any tougher than this! Concrete and iron are the cornerstone (!) materials of industrial style interior design. The simple form of this reference piece shows them off to their maximum.

With one of these on each side of your sofa, there's no doubt whatsoever of your style intentions!

Moving on to something at the more elegant end of the range, with the Dutchbone Boss round marble side table.

Dutchbone Boss Round Marble Side Table from Accessories for the Home

This is most definitely one for in front of the sofa! A coffee table with style clout! The Boss marries the opulence of green marble and brass with a geometric open frame, to accentuate the elegance of the materials.

And now for something completely different. The Crane table from Dutchbone (available in either black or gold) is most definitely the Marmite of side tables! Suffice to say, we love it!

Dutchbone Crane Side Table (Black or Gold) from Accessories for the Home

The crane is believed to be a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. Well, we're not sure about eternal youth, but owning this table will certainly bring you happiness, and will never fail to start the conversation!

The last of our style statement tables is the stunning Sari, again from Dutchbone.

Dutchbone Sari Brass Top Side Table from Accessories for the Home

With a Middle-Eastern influence to its decorative metal top, this is a more compact side table that nevertheless makes its presence known.

Complementary coffee tables

Looking for something that blends in without fading out? Our Scandi-inspired side tables offer sleek, minimalist design in light tones, to perfectly complement a Nordic styled space.

Take, for example, the Hamar round side table (available in either grey or white top).

Hamar Round Side Table (Grey or White) from Accessories for the Home

Epitomising the ethos of Scandinavian design, this three-legged, super simple side table is the perfect complement to a light, cool, contemporary living space.

For something on the more elegant side of industrial, we finish with a perfect pair from Nordal, with their black iron and glass side tables.

Nordal Black Iron and Glass set of 2 Side Tables from Accessories for the Home

The clean lines of the simple design ensure these super practical tables can slot in to any contemporary setting: industrial enough to fit seamlessly into a more urban space, but elegant enough to suit more opulent surroundings.

So, forget Googling! Just make one simple decision: statement or subtle, and let our range guide you to your next perfectly styled piece! Browse our full range now!

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