Outdoor Living – Summer 2020 Style Shot

This post was last updated on May 22nd, 2020 at 03:18 pm

It looks like we’re all going to be spending our holidays much closer to home this year. Take this opportunity to re-style your outdoor living space, whether garden, patio or balcony, with some strictly al fresco inspiration from the Accessories for the Home team!

Now more than ever, we’re appreciating the benefits of our own back yard. If you’re foregoing a foreign holiday this year, there’s no reason you can’t create a luxurious outdoor living environment of your own to enjoy those long hot summer evenings (well, we can dream!).

We’ve put together a collection of lounging and dining furniture, along with a few choice accessories, to turn your garden into a beautiful extension of your home, and bring a welcome ray of sunshine into your summer staycation!

Relaxing rattan

We’re starting off with this season’s go to material, rattan, in a sofa-plus-armchair combination from Danish designers Nordal.

Nordal Ralph Rattan Seating Set from Accessories for the Home

The Rattan seating set comprises a two-seat sofa and armchair, in a compact design that makes it super versatile for smaller patios or larger balconies. Even better, it works beautifully indoors as well, so you don’t have to consign it to the back of the garage during the winter!

Outdoor opulence

If you’ve got the space, flaunt it! And what better way than with the low and lazy luxury of the Tinekhome natural bamboo day bed

Tinkehome Natural Bamboo Day Bed from Accessories for the Home

Available in both left- and right-hand configurations, and fabric colour options, this is probably the most sumptuous indoor/outdoor day bed you’ll find. With a generous size (it’s over 2m long and over 1m wide!), this is the lounger for the serious sunseeker.

Super compact lounging

We’ll admit that you need some serious surface area to accommodate the day bed. If your space is more modest, there’s nothing better than the Mighty B outdoor beanbag to bring a bit of colour to your relaxation space.

Mighty B beanbag from Accessories for the Home

But which colour? With eleven to choose from, in both bright and more subtle hues, there’s a B-bag for every space, and it’s unique design ensures the ultimate in relaxed reclining!

Alfresco dining

But summer’s not just about lounging around. Although alfresco dinner parties will be a little more bijou this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t dine out(side) in style.

Tinekhome Natural Bamboo Dining Table from Accessories for the Home

Take the Tinekhome natural bamboo dining table for instance. Bohemian style? check. Tactile natural materials? check. A touch of Scandinavian inspiration? check! All blended beautifully to create a stunning dining table for a lazy evening soirée.

Accessorize your outdoors

No lazy evening soirée would be complete without a refreshing, long, summer cocktail (or two).

Get creative and serve your drinks in style with the Madam Stoltz summer drinks dispenser.

Madam Stoltz Summer Drinks Dispenser from Accessories for the Home

Prep the Pimms and prepare to party!

Re-style your outdoor living space today. All of our items are available to order today. Our delivery team are working hard to ensure your order is delivered as quickly as possible, but, as you would expect at the moment, our schedules sometimes need a little re-organisation. Feel free to email us prior to placing your order if you have any questions at all.

All that’s left to do is shop now, and explore our full range!

Coffee Tables – Spring 2020 Style Shot

In this Style Shot, we introduce our range of side and coffee tables, carefully curated to save you the hard work of selecting your next perfect piece!

Given the amount of coffee we drink as a nation, it’s no surprise that a quick Google for coffee tables results in a quite overwhelming number of styles, shapes and build quality. So how do you source your next exceptionally made, super-stylish, coffee, side or occasional table, without spending hours scrolling through screens of same-old same-old?

Firstly, a practical matter to consider: although often seen as a companion table, there’s no reason why your next side table can’t make a statement of its own. Decide whether you want your table to complement your existing look or shout out your new style, and then the rest is easy!

Statement side tables

Let’s start with the pieces that make the most noise! These are tables that, literally, stand on their own two feet. Use them to broadcast your existing room style loud and clear.

We’ve chosen the raw industrial concrete and iron Willy coffee table from Danish design powerhouse Muubs to start this list.

Muubs Willy Concrete and Iron Coffee Table from Accessories for the Home

Coffee tables don’t get any tougher than this! Concrete and iron are the cornerstone (!) materials of industrial style interior design. The simple form of this reference piece shows them off to their maximum.

With one of these on each side of your sofa, there’s no doubt whatsoever of your style intentions!

Moving on to something at the more elegant end of the range, with the Dutchbone Boss round marble side table.

Dutchbone Boss Round Marble Side Table from Accessories for the Home

This is most definitely one for in front of the sofa! A coffee table with style clout! The Boss marries the opulence of green marble and brass with a geometric open frame, to accentuate the elegance of the materials.

And now for something completely different. The Crane table from Dutchbone (available in either black or gold) is most definitely the Marmite of side tables! Suffice to say, we love it!

Dutchbone Crane Side Table (Black or Gold) from Accessories for the Home

The crane is believed to be a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. Well, we’re not sure about eternal youth, but owning this table will certainly bring you happiness, and will never fail to start the conversation!

The last of our style statement tables is the stunning Sari, again from Dutchbone.

Dutchbone Sari Brass Top Side Table from Accessories for the Home

With a Middle-Eastern influence to its decorative metal top, this is a more compact side table that nevertheless makes its presence known.

Complementary coffee tables

Looking for something that blends in without fading out? Our Scandi-inspired side tables offer sleek, minimalist design in light tones, to perfectly complement a Nordic styled space.

Take, for example, the Hamar round side table (available in either grey or white top).

Hamar Round Side Table (Grey or White) from Accessories for the Home

Epitomising the ethos of Scandinavian design, this three-legged, super simple side table is the perfect complement to a light, cool, contemporary living space.

For something on the more elegant side of industrial, we finish with a perfect pair from Nordal, with their black iron and glass side tables.

Nordal Black Iron and Glass set of 2 Side Tables from Accessories for the Home

The clean lines of the simple design ensure these super practical tables can slot in to any contemporary setting: industrial enough to fit seamlessly into a more urban space, but elegant enough to suit more opulent surroundings.

So, forget Googling! Just make one simple decision: statement or subtle, and let our range guide you to your next perfectly styled piece! Browse our full range now!

Console Tables – Spring 2020 Style Shot

In this Style Shot we take a look at console tables. Often over-looked but extremely versatile, the right console table can transform the look of a hallway, living space or bedroom.

The console table has come a long way from its French origins. Traditionally it described a half-moon shaped table fastened to the wall with an S-shaped bracket (called a console). This made the table appear to be free standing.

Having evolved through many designs, including the addition of legs, contemporary consoles come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Nowadays, any long, narrow table or shelf unit falls under the general heading of a console.

Today’s Console Table options

There are a wealth of options available to you when choosing a console table. We’ve taken a few of the key pieces from our range below, to help you decide.

Woood June Black Metal Console Table from Accessories for the Home

Proving that a modern console doesn’t have to be a table, the June from Woood is a slender black metal shelving unit that offers a great alternative to the traditional form.

With plenty of open storage, this is a versatile piece that puts the spotlight on your display, rather than taking the limelight itself. Perfect for a modern industrial hallway or living space, or even as storage in a large bathroom.

Woood Romy Black Wood Dressing Table from Accessories for the Home

Our second offering from Danish designers Woood brings a completely different look and material. The black wood Romy is, strictly speaking, a dressing table. But its small, narrow format makes it equally effective as a console for a smaller hallway.

With storage drawers and a fold-up mirror concealing an additional storage space, this is a practical, compact all-in-one piece that makes its own style statement. A great alternative to the traditional entrance hall table.

Statement, storage or both?

Nordal Bertie 8-Drawer Black Iron Console from Accessories for the Home

A modern family hallway is a busy place – and there is no end to the stuff that gets left there.

Introducing the Bertie from Nordal. A storage superstar in iron, it has eight roomy drawers and plenty of space on top. And thanks to its high legs, there’s also ample shoe storage possibilities below. All packaged in an unashamedly industrial style.

Nordal Black Wood and Gold Console Table from Accessories for the Home

To finish with, something a little more classically console. The gold detailing of Nordal’s more traditionally shaped black wood table will start conversations wherever it is placed.

An elegant addition to a sophisticated entrance hall, or a touch of decadence in a plush living space or bedroom. This is a statement piece that won’t fail to deliver!

See more Console Tables and Desks!

See our entire range in our Console Tables and Desks section. We have Scandinavian and Art Deco inspired pieces, through to raw urban industrial design styles, so you can find something to fall in love with today!

More from our designers

We’ve showcased pieces from Woood and Nordal in this Style Shot. Visit their websites to read more about their design philosophy.

Autumn Winter 2019 Style Shot – Sideboards

When it comes to sorting your storage, it’s easy to overlook this most practical and established furniture stalwart. In this Style Shot we look at sideboards, and spotlight a specific industrial styled piece that we love …

Sideboards rose to prominence during the 19th Century, as houses started to include dedicated dining rooms. Pioneers of practicality, they offered a flat top to serve food, and cabinets to store cutlery, crockery and other essential homewares.

These early examples were ornate in design and used expensive woods and veneers – underlining their importance within the home.

Sideboards for every room

No longer confined to the dining room, modern sideboards adorn almost every room of the house, with design inspiration as eclectic and varied as ever.

With so much choice, the distinction between sideboards, buffets, credenzas, consoles or just plain old cabinets is increasingly blurred, but, whatever you choose to call them, no home is complete without one.

When considering a sideboard, consider height, as well as width. Place ambient lighting on a lower sideboard, or use as a media unit. Taller pieces will dominate a space, so use them to make statement displays.

Drawers and cupboards impact the look of the piece, but also offer very different storage options. Stick to drawers if you have a lot of small items to stow away, use cupboards for larger, deeper items.

Dutchbone Sol Vintage Style Low Sideboard from the sideboards range at Accessories for the Home

Our spotlight today is on the Sol, from Danish design house Dutchbone. We love the vintage school furniture feel of the drawer hardware. But it’s the unique open-fronted drawers that really do it for us, with the emphasis firmly on display. Use for ornaments and lighting, or house your media centre – a true stand-out piece!

The Sol is one of a range of industrial, urban and vintage style sideboards we’ve curated from the most innovative furniture designers. Browse our Sideboards category for more inspiration.