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    • £ 1,295.00

      Iron cabinet with two grid doors. The cabinet has an industrial feel and a raw look that carries a masculine signature. Use the cabinet in your living room to keep books, ceramics or decorations. The dark iron nuance of the cabinet serves as a beautiful background to decorations in both darker and lighter colour tones. 

      £ 1,295.00
    • £ 1,995.00

      Tall iron cabinet with glass doors. This spacious cabinet is divided into two spaces with shelves to keep everything from ceramics to clothes. The large closet has an elegant dark nuance, and adds an almost majestic expression to any room. Combine it with wooden furniture to soften up the dark iron or combine it with industrial inspired furniture in order...

      £ 1,995.00
    • £ 1,245.00

      Tall iron sideboard with glass doors. The dark iron cabinet has a raw expression that exudes style and has a masculine signature. Use the iron cabinet in the dining room to keep your ceramics or place it in the bathroom to keep everything from towel to personal care products. The functional shape and size of the cabinet results in a cabinet that can be...

      £ 1,245.00
    • £ 895.00

      Tall cabinet in iron with one door. The elegant cabinet is made of black iron. The dark nuance and raw material of the cabinet carries a masculine, Nordic signature that works well with both wooden furniture and rawer industrial designs. Use the cabinet in your bedroom to store your clothes, or in the living room to keep books, ceramics or decorations.

      £ 895.00
    • £ 460.00

      The small sized cabinet in black iron can be used in various ways. Use it as a bed stand with your favourite reading books, place it next to your couch in the living room and use it as a combined cabinet and side table.

      £ 460.00
    • £ 1,495.00

      A spacious and functional iron cabinet with glass doors and shelves. The dark iron has an elegant design that adds a raw Nordic expression to a room. Use the iron cabinet to keep your plates, glass and service. Alternatively, place it in the bedroom to store your clothes. Combine it with wooden furniture to soften up the dark iron or combine it with...

      £ 1,495.00
    • £ 285.00

      Round iron and concrete coffee table by Muubs. This rustic coffee table has a raw table top made from the light fiber concrete. The combination of the light grey concrete and the black table legs gives the side table an industrial look. Use the coffee table on its own or combine it with the large Walther concrete coffee table?

      £ 285.00
    • £ 699.00

      A large coffee table made from fiber concrete and iron. Use the large coffee table next to the sofa, to keep your coffee table books, remote control or decorations. The Walther by Muubs is a raw design coffee table that carries a masculine signature, for the modern home.

      £ 699.00
    • £ 2,999.00

      The Champagne table by Muubs is available in small or large, made from one piece of poplar wood, with an inserted zinc tub, perfect for both ice and bottles. Use as a juice bar where you can enjoy fresh made drinks, or let the table be the centre of attention as a Champagne bar where the dark bottles with the soft curves will serve a beautiful contrast to...

      £ 2,999.00
    • £ 895.00

      Black iron cabinet on castors with a combination of mesh and glass doors. This striking industrial style cabinet would work perfectly as bar when entertaining or alternatively as a display unit to house books and bits and bobs.  Combine it with wooden furniture to soften up the dark iron or combine it with industrial inspired furniture in order to make an...

      £ 895.00
    • £ 1,600.00

      The exquisite Miku console table is aesthetically pleasing. Its black burned table top has an organic feel and the unevenness of the of the wide logan wood trunk and sturdy metal legs adds to its rustic appearance. This console table would work perfectly as a work bench or as an eye catching piece of furniture in your hallway or living room.

      £ 1,600.00
    • £ 280.00

      These coffee tables created from black stone with a rustic surface and a solid iron frame are a stylish but practical side table and coffee table. Combined or individually placed you can adjust these tables to fit you needs. These stylish and functional tables would fit effortlessly in any home. 

      £ 280.00
    Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items