Riba Mirror T-Lights

£ 9.95

Our stunning Riba mirrored t-lights are beautifully handmade from this unique vintage looking glass. The segments of hand cut glass have been skilfully joined together by master craftsmen using traditional welding techniques.

Arrange in a cluster of various sizes to create a striking centrepiece or equally they look impressive on their own.

Colour: Antique Zinc

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Glass products are made from recycled glass.  Although glass is one of the most harmless materials produced by the world (this is because it is essentially made of raw materials) it does not break down in landfill.  A modern glass bottle would take 4000 years ormore to decompose. Recycling glass not only requires 30% less energy to melt when compared with raw material but using less energy means less fuel is burnt and less emissions. Recycling glass is an on-going process, as glass can be recycled continually. This means we can create new beautiful glass products with less impact on our environment


Small100mm (H) x 90mm (Dia)
Medium190mm (H) x 130mm (Dia)
Large240mm (H) x 150mm (Dia)